Devotional Music Foundation
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"There is nothing in the world so much like prayer as music is."  ~  William P. Merrill

What is the
Devotional Music Foundation?

     Envision a beautiful temple like space, wherein people from different traditions are sharing sacred music with love and devotion

Ancient, healing chants from around the earth are echoing through the walls of this sanctuary.

Feel the power and unity, of calling out in song, in concert!

Bask in the Presence as divine vibrations of voice and instrument .

This is THE NEW PARADIGM for Live Music.

This is Music As Prayer

Now imagine many more of these music temples being created all around the globe.

 Move to the pulse of African drums.

 Sway to the soul of gospel, or reggae.

 Take in the raw perfection and harmonies of the human voice

  Feel the celebration and love inherent in the mountain music of Appalachia, or the mystical expansiveness of the Indian raga.

All types of uplifting music from all reaches of the earth are offered in these sanctuaries with reverence and love.

There are no "performers", just musicians and magicians.
There is no "audience" there are just listeners and receivers.

We are once again feeling music with profound newness.
We are once again honoring music as unlimited and powerful.
We are once again using music for it's true purpose.

Music As Prayer


MusicaL isMysticaL