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JoJo's New Healing recording!

JoJo's Kirtan CD:
Bhavagan Kripa: A kirtan of Grace

" of the best traditional kirtan recordings.  This embodies high quality, clear full sound and instrumentation, authentic sincere mature chanting with devotional steady goodness."
                                                             - Leska, Portland OR

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Hari Bol

Hare Rama Rama

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Kirtan Chant Books:

Buy Kirtan chanting book for only $15

Sounds of the Sacred
has the sheet music and words for over 100 kirtans
as well as arati and prayers.

All chants on JoJo's CD Bhagavan Kripa
are in this book!!

Nada Yoga Workshop

 Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound, is one of the earliest forms of Yoga, and may also be the most powerful.

    Sound, the vibrations we perceive with our ears, as well as our bodies, has unlimited potential for helping us recognize and remember our own divine nature. The ancient yogis, or rishis (seers), uncovered much of the mystery and power of sound in the form of mantras. These mystical sound patterns have been used for thousands of years to focus the mind, open the heart, induce meditation, and expand consciousness.

   This experiential introductory workshop will explore some of the fascinating principles and uses of these mantras. Participants will learn, and experience a depth of, some important Sanskrit mantras and practices (including kirtan!). These practices not only assist us in coping with every day stress, but they can be used to access deeper, or hidden, parts of our own potential, revealing our true Identity.

  Come experience the power and bliss available to us through this ancient use of sound!


Hand peeled, fair traded, lightly roasted criollo variety cacao (chocolate) beans blended with super potent, highest quality herbs. Cacao is not only a super food, its the latest ancient ceremonial medicine. Amplifying whatever we are choosing to work with, a ceremonial drink brings more blood to the brain and heart.  A powerful heart opener, cacao is a valuable partner in the journey through our consciousness and is awesome combined with kirtan chanting!   Order at   


Kirtan is a celebratory high energy group practice of call and response yogic chanting (usually in the Sanskrit Language). The chants are simple with the words provided and the learning curve is quick. This blissful, easy and powerful form of yoga, is quickly gaining popularity in the west.

"Kirtan (Yogic Chanting) is the practice of coming together in community to create strong spiritual vibration energy.  Sound is a powerful resonance that we can direct to create love, peace, inner bliss for ourselves and direct our psychic energy in manifesting our vision for the world.


It has nothing to do with musical ability!  Many of us have had trauma from grade school music classes, and adults and teachers that tell us that we can't sing.

You don't need to be able to "sing!"  We are equipped enough to make sound and create powerful vibration through our intention.  When we gather together we amplify the power of that intention exponentially.

Chanting is one of the core practices of the yoga tradition.  Take advantage of the opportunity to experience inner quiet, power and peace."
Ruth Anne Lundeberg, Mama Nirvana's Yoga Studios

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